PDMoveIT! Lacey Senior Center
PD MoveIT!
This is a positive-energy filled class with a focus on improving your day to day function and jump starting your motivation.  We use exercises drawn from a variety of disciplines including aerobics,
tai chi, dance, balance work, strength training, and yoga, with activities based on Exercise4Brain ChangeTM and the John Argue Method, that specifically target impairments relating to Parkinson's Disease. These include tremor, rigidity, freezing, shuffling, postural issues and slow/small movements.
We focus on practicality, safety and fun in an environment that fosters friendships and a cameraderie that brings out the best in everyone.
PD PowerUP!
This is a class for those who want, and are able to participate in a more energetic and physically demanding workout.  This is a 'ramped up'
version of the MoveIT! class.
What We Do
Our class leaders are caring, compassionate & educated in
the challenges of PD. 
We appreciate the mood, energy
and ability swings you may feel,
and we work with each class,
adapting as needed to provide
a supportive, non-threatening atmosphere, where class
camaraderie brings out the best
in everyone!
Class participants are like you.
They come to class to discover,
not what they can't do,
but what they can! 
You'll discover abilities you
didn't know you had, and
in a fun, social & welcoming environment, take on new
challenges as part of a
group of positively minded
Our goal is to encourage brain stimulation to improve your
balance & stability, movement
ease, coordination and safety. 
But we know that you also
need to be flexible, to have
sufficient muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness to move
forward to better health- and so
we work on those too!
We emphasize proper form
and teach techniques that can be incorporated into your day to day activities.
 Parkinson's Disease and Exercise
Parkinson's Disease is a neurodenegerative brain disease that affects an estimated 30,000 individuals in Washington State alone. 
This progressive disease is characterized by tremor, slowness of movement, a shuffling gait, muscle rigidity, lethargy, speech challenges, and a host of symptoms that significantly affect the quality of life for those living with the disease.
Although the disease is incurable (at present), research into
the treatments for Parkinson's Disease is shedding light on the positive impact physical activity and exercise can have on the symptoms of the disease and on it's progression.  We are beginning to learn which types of exercise offer real benefit, and to see the effect on the day to day lives of people with Parkinson's.  With continued research, researchers hope to discover if regular targeted physical activity can prevent and possibly
even reverse the progression of the disease. This gives reason for hope- and an even better reason to Move IT!